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Roger Graham

Over the past 12 years of beekeeping, I've learned the beekeeping community is a fun and welcoming community.

Getting started in beekeeping requires a large learning curve. It might be nigh unto impossible to succeed on your own. Richard and I needed a lot of help over the years. We stand on the shoulders of many who have mentored and helped us. Roger Graham was one of those people.

Roger and his wife Juanita own Graham's Bee Works near Mooresville. Like many small, local beekeeping businesses they have their irons in many fires to keep the business going. One of the value-added services he offered was mentoring. Early on Richard and I purchased equipment from Roger. We had questions and he graciously offered his time and advice. When you have a question about your bees try calling any of the big online retailers and see what they tell you.

Sadly, I found out yesterday that Roger died about a week ago. He was a man who exemplified his Christian faith showing it in how he so cheerfully gave of himself in his beekeeping venture.

As a new or newer beekeeper you'll find many people like Roger. They run small, local beekeeping businesses. You'll find them in your bee club. There are many people who want to help and see you succeed in beekeeping. Roger was one of those and he'll be missed.

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