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Spring Jump Start


Do you have kids? You were one. Kids are expensive to raise.

The queen is laying in your hive right now. And the resources of the hive are being depleted to raise new bees. A lot of pollen is coming in. There is no nectar to speak of. The honey stores are being used to feed the brood and existing bees.

Your bees could still starve. I covered that in Winter Beekeeping #3.

The hive has good stores you say. Ok. You can jump start the hive. It takes a lot of bees to make honey. And if it is honey you want, like we do, here's how we are giving a boost to the hive. We feed them 1:1 sugar solution. One part water by weight to one part sugar by weight. For a 4lb bag of sugar mix with a half gallon of water. You can heat it gently but it goes into solution pretty easily. Add a tablespoon or two of white vinegar. That lowers the pH slightly and is a preservative to help retard molding. Another little ditty I found for the weight of water is 'a pint's a pound the world around.'

Feed this to your hive. It simulates a nectar flow and gets the queen to lay more.

Now there is a downside. Remember all the rain in 2019? It almost rained all the way through May. Your queen's been laying, the bees can't get out, resources are being consumed, the hive is getting packed with bees, it could start to get swarmy.

Remember, this is agriculture. There are risks and rewards. You'll need to weigh what you want to do.