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First Year

Swarms. The Bane of Beekeeping.


Yes, beekeeper, these are queen cells. Yes, beekeeper, it is a sign that they are probably going to swarm.Continue Reading

Into the Deep!

This is me 12 years ago looking at a new hive. See how white my suit was?Continue Reading

Did You Peek Yet?

Are you feeding? Have you looked into your hives yet?
Continue Reading

Feed, Feed, Feed

Think of yourself as a banker. You've been asked to invest in a capital project.
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Nuc Babies

So the Royal baby is in the news this week. Big deal. RJ Honey has a bigger deal. The nucs are just about done.
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Old Comb? Rotate Deeps?

Jim sent us a question. Well, several questions. "Should I put in new frames, switch the deeps or both.... Or neither?"Continue Reading

Grow Baby! Grow!


Finally, the bees are bringing in gobs of pollen.

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Hive Autopsy


A beekeeper must be a good coroner.

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Early Spring Management


You want a hive strong going into winter and strong coming out.

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Forget the Robins

This is the true first sign of spring.Continue Reading

It's Agriculture


Sometimes all I can do is groan.

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