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O Happy Day!


Happiness are dandelions for a beekeeper.

Most homeowners make war on this poor flower. HOAs require killing them. Yet they only last a few weeks and they are gone until next year. Poor bee forage and nutrition is #2 on the list of what is harming honey bees.

They are early this year. My records show them popping up usually at the end of April. Early this year.

One, they are an important early source of nectar and pollen for the honey bee. They are in make as many bees as we possibly can mode. Nurse bees are needed to care for the larvae, foragers to go get food, maid bees to clean out the cells. There are many tasks. And the hive needs thousand of bees to do them and survive.

They also need thousands of bees to thrive and gather honey.

That's where the beekeeper intersects with dandelion and honey bee. Richard has been busy putting honey supers on the hives. It gives them room and is one factor in controlling swarming. It also provides the space to put up spare honey.

Next installment, frame spacing and queen excluders.

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