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Esssential Oils - Myth or Fact?

honey bee essential oils
When I was an HVAC controls tech there were what we called 'tech myths.' Continue Reading

Knock, knock. Who's there?


Maybe someone can complete my bad joke. But tapping on the side of the hive might give a response.
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Organic Honey? Probably Not.


Is organic honey really organic? Probably not.
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Thanksgiving for Bees

thanksgiving-turkey-hive- candyboard

While you are eating turkey your bees get a candy board.Continue Reading

Looters and Rioters

It happens. Hives get robbed. Hives get killed. A customer texted wanting to know what to do about the yellow jackets attacking his hive. Once it has started it is hard to stop. And by the time most of us see it, the battle is lost.Continue Reading



The dearth is not exactly Darth Vadar but it can be close!Continue Reading