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Richard and Jeff stopped at a booth at the Boone County Fair. The man in the booth talked glowingly about his honey. He suggested going to a bee school to see if we would be interested in keeping bees. We did and got started with one hive in 2007.

Our enjoyment of beekeeping was so great we have 65 hives now. And we have helped many new hobbyist beekeepers get started and enjoy their new hobby.

The RJ Honey Bee School 101 is the perfect venue to start exploring whether you can have the same joy as we have in keeping bees.
There is a lot to learn about beekeeping. In fact, the learning never ends. You’ll learn…

•Why are bees important?
•Who is the honey bee?
•What are the parts of the hive?
•What other equipment is needed?
•How do I care for the bees?
•What are the costs?

This two hour class will give you enough information for you to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to becoming a beekeeper.

The next fall class will be held Saturday, October 8, 2016 in the morning starting at 9am. It will be at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lebanon.