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Chocolate Honey Dip
"Everything good and useful is made of chocolate. This is definitely good and useful." -Jeff
2 avocados (need to be ripe)
1 banana
1/2 c honey
1 t vanilla
1/3 c cocoa or carob powder
2-3 T coconut oil

Don’t let the ingredients fool you, this dip is creamy, rich, and deliciously healthy!  This dip is great on strawberries, by itself, on graham crackers, or whatever you like to put chocolate on.  I've even thought it could pass as icing in a pinch!

Dump all ingredients in a food processor or blender, and blend until creamy and smooth.  If needed, scrape down the sides to make sure all chunks get incorporated. Keep in the refrigerator for maximum freshness.  Also, this recipe makes approximately 2 cups.  Enjoy!

My husband doesn't like banana flavored things, if you're not crazy about banana, you can make this with just the avocados, just add honey until it's sweet enough for you, about 1/4 c more.