bee honey food snack delicious tasty healthy
bee honey food snack delicious tasty healthy
Triple Apple Honey Bars
-1 c almonds
-1 c rolled oat
-1 c white wheat flour (or wheat or white flour)
-1/4 c apple sauce
-1/3 c honey
-1/2 c butter or coconut oil
-2 T milk
-1 egg
-1 t vanilla
-1 t cinnamon
-salt to taste
-3/4 c apple butter
-4 small apples or 2 large apples, diced (I left the skin on), sautéed in 1 T butter, 1 T honey, and cinnamon until softened and slightly caramelized.
Combine the almonds and rolled oats in a food processor and blend until finely ground. Dump in bowl and add the rest of the ‘crust’ ingredients, stirring until well mixed. Divide batter; put half in an 8x8 greased pan. Spread apple butter on bottom, and then evenly spread the apple mixture on top. Put the rest of the crust batter on top, spreading as evenly as possible. Bake at 350 for about 25-30 minutes until edges are slightly browned. Let cool then cut into squares.