New Bees for a New Year!

Our guaranteed allotment is sold out. Email to be put on the waiting list.

We can set you up with a quality five frame nuc hive of bees. The cost for 2017 is $165. No deposit required. Fill out and submit the form and to get on the list. Nucs will be ready sometime mid-May to early June. It all depends on the weather.

When they are ready, they will be ready to go to their new home. RJ Honey will contact you. We will be available Monday through Thursday after 5:30pm, all day Friday and Saturday, Sunday afternoon.

RJ Honey offers several options for hiving your nucleus of bees.
Here’s what you’ll need.

A complete one deep hive; bottom board, deep with five frames, inner cover, and top cover.

You’ll need a ratchet strap. No bungy cords. No pull straps. Really, a ratchet strap.

There’s an option to purchase ratchet straps at $10 each. Or have your hive body and bottom board stapled together for $10.

Bring your protective equipment.

Don’t wear dark clothing. Bees particularly don’t appreciate black.

If you have long hair, put it in a pony tail or wear it up. Bees sometimes get tangled and there’s no good ending to that story. A ball cap helps, too.
Option 1: Do it yourself. You can pick up the nuc when it is ready, bring it to your yard, and install the bees. There is a $50 refundable deposit on the nuc for this option. Bring a ratchet strap.
Option 2: Let us do it. You drop your hive off sometime before the nuc is ready. When the nuc is ready we’ll install the bees and let you know they are ready. Come and get them. Bring a ratchet strap.
Option 3: Watch and help do it. Bring your hive when the nuc is ready. We’ll install the bees together. Take them home. Bring protective equipment and a ratchet strap.
Option 4: Don’t know what I want to do yet. That’s OK. You’ll still need to bring a ratchet strap.