We have a bucket of 'bee junk'. Things we purchased and didn't measure up. The items on this page are not part of that collection. Here are the items which have been field tested by RJ Honey. They work for us and we think they will be a good value and work for you.
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Bee Brush
Bee brush super extracting
Quality, soft bristle bee brush.

When brushing bees off the frame, use a flicking motion. Don't brush like you are painting. This rolls the bees and makes them mad.
Capping Scratcher
honey decapping scratcher capping
Use a capping scratcher to perforate the cells before placing frames in the extractor. Also useful when sampling honey to uncap a small section of a frame.
8oz. Spray Bottle Honey Bandit
12 oz. cute bottle honey security lid flip top
8oz. spray bottle of Honey Bandit. Spray your fume board a few times, set it on top of the super, wait a few minutes and the bees are gone.
Stainless Steel Double Sieve
strain honey filter wax bucket sieve
This Double Stainless Steel Honey Sieve is used to make sure that you are bottling a smoother product without the debris from the wax or leftover pollen in the honey. Made of a solid, stainless steel, you are able to be sure that rusting on this honey sieve will not be a problem. Also, because it is a double strainer, straining the honey is much easier and smoother than a single strainer as it keeps the flow of the honey constant without the unwanted debris.
6 gallon Honey Bucket w/Gate
8 ounce bottle honey security lid flip top
Five gallon, food safe bucket with lid and honey gate.