We have a bucket of 'bee junk'. Things we purchased and didn't measure up. The items on this page are not part of that collection. Here are the items which have been field tested by RJ Honey. They work for us and we think they will be a good value and work for you.
Please note! Online store prices for local pick up only. Suits can ship. Vaporizers can be shipped for small shipping fee.
Indiana sales tax charged at time of checkout or local purchase. Thanks for your business.
Ventilated Bee Suit
bee suit ventilated
After one season of sweating like a pig in a standard canvas bee suit, I bought a ventilated mesh bee suit. Have never regretted it. These are high quality 'Bee Cool' suits. Several sizes are in stock. Only domed, not round veil are in stock. Round veil (like the full suit pic) can be ordered. RJ Honey does not recommend flip flops for hive inspection!
Veil with folding hat
bee equipment protection veil hat folding
We've tried the others. This is the field tested best. Folds easily. Soft hat. Throw the plastic pith away.
Vented Goatskin Gloves
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I know there are beekeepers who really think the best way to do a hive inspection is glove-less. It is if you don't mind getting stung, especially when you crack open a grumpy hive. RJ Honey loves these gloves. They are comfortable and we have a size to fit you.
Bee Brush
Bee brush super extracting
Quality, soft bristle bee brush.

When brushing bees off the frame, use a flicking motion. Don't brush like you are painting. This rolls the bees and makes them mad.
'J' Hook Hive Tool
The 'J' hook is excellent at lifting frames. The beveled edges at the other end work great for separating the frames. The notch scrapes propolis from the frame rest like nothing else.
stainless steel smoker leather belows
Essential for every hive inspection. Qualitiy stainless steel and leather bellows.
heavy duty oxalic acid vaporizor randy oliver highest ranked
An outstanding heavy duty Oxalic Acid Vaporizer at a great price! This is the one Randy Oliver on his website http://scientificbeekeeping.com says is "One of the highest-ranked models," and is the one you'll pass down to your son.
OxaVap w/Free Oxalic Acid
quality oxalic acid vaporizer hobbyist randy oliver
A quality Oxalic Acid Vaporizer at a reasonable price! This is the BEST gift you could give to yourself or your beekeeping friends! The PERFECT Vaporizer for the Hobbyist with a couple hives!

Comes with enough oxalic aside to treat 5 hives 3x - FREE!
Honeybee life cycle
life cycle drone queen worker bee honey
Our first mentor, John H., said the life cycle was important to learn for hive management. He had this poster, so we purchased one. It hangs in our bee barn.
The Beekeeper's Year
educational poster beekeeper year tasks jobs planning
This is a well organized visual reminder of what the beekeeper needs to be doing or planning for throughout the year.