Register now for the May 2018 RJ Honey Bee School 103 field day.
The Field Day will be on a Saturday (preferred) or Sunday afternoon in May to early June (Mother’s Day and Race Day excepted). Location will be at an RJ Honey Bee yard in Boone County.
Please tentatively register for Saturday, May 20. Date (and beekeeper) must be flexible because of weather. Sunny, low wind and temperature around 70. You will be kept informed of the final date.
A $50 non-refundable deposit will hold your reservation. The Field Day Package can be purchased here. The deposit will be refunded in cash when the equipment is picked up.
Step One: Bee School 103 Registration
If you do not receive a response the order did not go through. Contact us at rjhoney at rjhoney dot com if this is the case.
Step Two: Pay for Bee School 103 Registration